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Young children, babies and  pregnant ones. Homeopathy is a special health support. Many people find homeopathy when they need it the most! Any age can benefit.

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Homeopathy can theoretically stimulate the body by impressing a "matching homeopathic medicine" upon it so that the body's defense recognizes a similar set of symptoms.

Because the body opposes those medicinal symptoms from the homeopathic medicine, life force adjustments and opposing symptoms (thermodynamic law) is what the body does to heals its own ills.

Thousands of cases have been recorded. The 1932 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act protects the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.

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Think about homeopathy for your next Acute trauma, cold, influenza, recurring illnesses.

We do not use Banerji protocols but there are out there if you'd like to give it a go. We sit and "take your individual case of illness" for a couple of hours. There is no routine in making a "match". We believe that only one homoepathic medicine should be taken at a time, in a most minimum dose according to classical homeopathic principles.

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