This is what some say defines health.

Sleep--How is your sleep quality without sleeping pills? How quickly do you fall asleep and do you stay asleep all night? How can health be good without good recharging through sleep?

Appetite for food and sex--Vital strength is indicated through a good appetite. How many bites does it take to feel full? Will you eat a full meal and still be hungry? The sexual appetite wanes when you are sick or in pain. Sexual excess of too frequent masturbation and sexual intercourse will lead to a loss of fluids and disturbances in health.

Adaptability--How well can you adapt to your environment? Do you react to gas, perfume, smoke smells? certain foods? clothing material or tags? Your system should be able to adapt rather than react.

Mind Clarity--How easily can you recall your friends’ names, balance your checkbook; do you forget what you were telling someone? How do you feel your mind functions?

Wellness--Are you free from pain? How do you regard your life? Your future? How much do you experience good feelings for what you do, and who you are?

Peacefulness--Would you say you know peace, being at ease, or have contentment? What is the degree of highs and lows in the way you react and experience life? extreme or balanced are you?

Ability to laugh--Despite the problems you have, are you able to identify and genuinely laugh and keep a sense of humor in life’s things?

Humbleness--Are you too vain? Do you have to dominate conversations, or have your way? How would others describe you?

Love--How easy is it for you to love? Can you show charity and grace? Do you have appropriate self-love and can you show you love others?

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