Homeopaths ask lots of these kinds of questions:

Do you feel "off" in your feelings? What emotion is common for you?

On what kinds of personal health sufferings do you spend time?

Describe your levels of energy during a 24 hour day.

What is your ability to remember facts, memorize, recall and tell stories?

How easy does sleep come for you? What is your best dream? or your Worst?

How do you feel about your sexuality?

What personal mental or physical health trouble is the oldest or longest with you?

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Homeopathy for childbirth as well as for the Newborn can be learned in Study Groups. Contact us for more information on Saturday Study Group!

Enjoy Your Health has Classroom learning opportunities.

We invite groups in.

We host events like homeopathy study group, childbirth class, Anxiety/Depression Class and SOS Parenting Class.

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2023 Open Dates

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September 18 Homeopathy Study Group

October 17 Depression Recovery Session

November 11 SOS Parenting Night

December 8 Christmas Open House

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