The "case" of the person is what symptoms the homeopathic consul-tee suffers. His/Her individual symptoms are his/her 'case of illness'. The case is what is managed by the homeopath. The follow-up appointments are in person meetings between the homeopath and client, after the remedy has been started. These follow-up appointments are an evidence-collecting-dialog between the homeopath and her client. This evidence collected in the 'follow-up' is the basis for every decision made about remedy: if the remedy is to be repeated; when the remedy is to be repeated; and how the remedy is to be repeated. In the first 24-72 hours of the remedy the The Phone Report doc. is essential for the new person to use for reporting back to the homeopath after the first single solitary dose of remedy has been taken. The homeopath needs this phone-call report after the first dose of remedy between 24-72 hours.  The remedy then is subsequently dosed from a Remedy Stock Bottle and changed in between every subsequent dose by succussing the Remedy Stock Bottle. Follow-up appointments are needed every month or so, for case management. The goal of case management is objective eradication of symptoms and subjective improvement in health.

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Antidotes will never be necessary in the practice of a well-trained and conscientiously careful homeopath, if that homeopath begins treatment by giving her well-selected medicine in the smallest possible dose, as she should do.

Footnote to Aphorism § 249b.