1. Avoid overwhelming your remedy in the first weeks of administration. Avoid being in the room with essential oils, rubbing camphor ointment, mouthwashes with menthol, mint toothpaste, electric blankets-heated automobile seats, too much electronic screen face/eye exposure, dental cleaning/operative procedures, beauty shop chemicals; paints, fuels, solvents. These are highly aromatic and may affect sensitive individuals.
  2. Avoid spoiling the remedy stock bottle or pellets given in envelopes. Keep your stock bottle away from electronics. Seal it in a glass jar if you are painting etc. Keep in mind the type of air and do not open it in direct sunlight. Open it in fresh air in case of doing aromatic work in your home. Do not leave in hot car >100 farenheit. Remedy is more stable in cold than hot temperatures.
  3. Avoid eating or drinking for 20 minutes before or after dosing with your remedy. Teeth can retain food and remedy will not absorb when it touches food in between teeth. Clean your mouth before dosing.

Alternative therapies should not be added during the observations of starting your remedy. Ask your homeopath’s opinion if you are considering starting something new during your remedy observation period.  Homeopathy is an observational science and needs a steady lifestyle structure. Your lifestyle can prohibit the remedy effects. Homeopathy is a new lifestyle for your consideration to elevate your level of health.

There is a very well funded anti-homeopathic lobby that wants to convince many people it is quackery and that homeopaths are charletons. The truth is homeopathy is evidence-based science. See hri.org for current worldwide homeopathic research. The public has been misled through abnormal scientific methods engineered to eliminate complimentary healthcare options from the consumer landscape.” The 2015 Australian Report is an example of such deception.

The Australian Report is an example of such deception. See https://www.justonedropfilm.com/trailer  Just One Drop Trailer for the controversy and detailed explanation.

Interview with Laurel Chitin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5F1ZonD2pA

No, homeopathy is not placebo—homeopathy is a federally recognized medicine in America via the HPUS: Homeopathic Pharmocopea of the United States. Homeopathic remedies, are made from nature, and are unpatent-able by pharmaceutical companies. A single homeopathic remedy, is just one of many drugs backed by thousands of clinical trials, papers and research articles. There is a “compendium” of research articles that you can purchase at homeopathychoice.org  See also www.homeoint.org “Scroll down and look left under Radar for the proving symptoms of remedies by Boericke, Kent, Clark, TF Allen, C Hering, Boger, and Hahnemann’s Organon.”

When you choose to use homeopathy you will be digging into your past trying to remember your first symptoms…in childhood, in puberty, before medication or surgery. Your lifeline and the sequence of events in your life is important to remember and reflect upon, your childhood, puberty, treatments and medications in context. Homeopathy helps to put your body back in balance, with proper functioning of its parts, including the way you have expressed emotions and mental capacities.

Hahnemann's historical existence as a Christian, and his writings acknowledge that homeopathy is "the great gift of God!", and that  "The giver of all good things" gave him the Law of Homeopathic cure between 1816-1817 to solve the sublime problem with the most accurate experiments made for the welfare of humanity. Chronic Diseases Vol 1 by Samuel Hahnemann ISBN 978-81-319-0212-7 
Hahnemann's final words as reported in the Foreward of Vol. 1 of Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases, by Constantine Hering http://www.wholehealthnow.com/bios/constantine-hering.html
"He admonished us to hold fast to the great principles of homeopathy. "Why should I have been thus extinguished? Each of us should here attend to the duties which God has imposed upon him. Although men may distinguish a more or less, yet no one has any merit. God owes nothing to me, I to him all."
Constantine Hering, Philadelphia April 22, 1845, 12 days after Hahnemann's death. "It is the spirit of Truth that tries to unite us all; but the Father of Lies keeps us separate and divided."
Homeopathy stands firm on pillars of truth, which have been confirmed by daily experience. Universal law forms the basis of homeopathy. Homeopaths learn to know these universal laws and apply them to health and healing. In the medical world Hahnemann's Organon represents the light of truth. Jeremy Scherr's introduction to Wenda Brewster O'Reilly's Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann. Jeremy Scherr https://homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org/our-team/