Forms: Adults

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Forms: Children

EYH Newborn & Early Childhood intake: click here
ADHD Tips (Heiner Frei) click here
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Phone Hours

Phone Report Guidelines 2021: click here

Scheduled call-in times: 8-9am and 4-5pm daily are for you to call Tama. She will answer her phone during these hours for your circumstances & situations; your questions & reports. Weekend rates apply.


Website Fee and Policy 2021: click here

Come to the homeopathic lifestyle

by EYH Basic, for $60, and you and interested family members can spend two hours learning about homeopathy.
Come and get your questions asked, and learn from questions others ask."  "Your credit card information should be kept on file so that Tama can collect payment at time of after hours services. The usual credit card fee is a 3.5% + .15 cents for processing. EYH TP Credit Form  Policy and Fees form