The in-depth homeopathic consultation involves the following:

1. Your chief complaint(s) in considerable detail.

2. Your previous illnesses, stresses and lifestyle.

3. Your family's timeline (history).

The homeopath has specialized training in order to do a "match" of your complaints, etc. to the most similar medicine for you. Prepared using one homeopathic medicine at a time within the standards the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, as specifically described in the US Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1932.

After the consultation a plan will consist of taking the smallest dose, of your "matched" specific homeopathic medicine and reporting back to the homeopath its effects on you. You do not just take your homeopathic medicine like a schedule. No, you are trained to take it when your symptoms return and only then in water, according to the 6th edition of the Organon that Samuel Hahnemann wrote.

Most people benefit from other lifestyle behaviours for mental health and physical health, that can be discussed with your homeopath to help your homeopathic medicine work even better.

When people choose the homeopathy they choose a new lifestyle.

This medicine works deeply and in a totality within your body. We look for ways the body recuperates. Sleep requirements may increase temporarily. Sleep is very restorative and our homeopathy medicines stimulate a mending in our body systems, emotions and mental processes.

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Follow-up reporting

When you have a question, use our phone hours to ask. Call in to schedule your follow -up appointments when you are not sure what to do with dosing or if new symptoms from the past return, as a re-tracing of your old illness.

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