Remedy Stock Bottle*RSB is an brown/amber bottle. With or Without droppers in a lid. Remedy pellets (2) are placed inside (without touching the pellets directly or opening the remedy into direct sunlight) Add distilled water (NOT Public water) to the neck or rounded part of the amber bottle.

The second dose is taken with firmly banging the RSB on a soft but firm surface i.e. like a leather-bound book.  Record in Dose log:

  1. date, 2. time, 3. homeopathic medicine name, 4. potency, 5. no. of succussions (hits) 6. amount from RSB
  2. Example of dose log:  1-1-22 @ 12noon, Arnica 30C, 2 hits/2drops/1 cup/2 drops by mouth.

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