Study Group

Study Group is now meeting March April May June July 2022.  5 hours a month using Childbearing Year and Essential Curriculum. Go to:

1. Homeopathy for the Childbearing Year

2. Essential Curriculum

Volunteers to experience homeopathic study group, during a Friday or Sunday session, please, fill out the New Consultation Packet"

To volunteer: email

Subject line: experience-volunteer for study group 


Please contact us for more of the Study Group Experience information.

Free Classes

  • Free Info. Sessions Monthly 2022: RSVP 269-624-2993

    Depression Anxiety Recovery 8-week Program

    $130 per participant  $215 for(2) household members sharing books

FREE 2022 Healthy Pregnancy Class: March, May, July, September, November The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

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