You have two choices for a year long study of homeopathy on an every other year rotating basis:

1. Homeopathy for the Childbearing Year

2. Essential Curriculum

Please Order your study group workbook(s) from:


Teach Me Homeopathy is also offered for 4-7 year olds to learn the lingo and concepts of a homeopathic worldview. It is a semester long course. 1. have fun, 2. read some great children's books together 3. sing about homeopathic remedies 4. print and write remedy names 6. color, draw and discuss for ~45 minutes by format. In-person option is possible.

Gma Tama and Jed

Objectives of Study Group: Learn classical homeopathic philosophy; learn materia medica of homeopathic remedies; learn how to start homeopathy; practice partaking in a vibrant & collegial discussion. Tenets of this classical homeopathy group: 1. remedies are applied one at a time (Aph. 273), 2. remedy pellets are put in water (Aph. 272) 3. remedy doses are very minute & infrequent (Aph. 283) 4. remedy doses are hit firmly or succussed on a firm, but soft surface that changes the potency in-between doses (Aph. 269).

"If you during pregnancy or your newborn have an acute need or you are not pregnant and need relief of some suffering, choose to try a homeopathic experience. Fill out the New Consultation Packet" Walk-in day are offered at least monthly with the reduced price. Both categories of people will fill out the same New Consultation Packet. These study group classes are an educational experience to teach you how to safely and properly dose yourself with homeopathy. Please contact us for more of the Study Group Experience information.

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