Women in the childbearing year cope with many physical, emotional, and mental fluctuations because of pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum. Are you Healthy? Babies must cope similarly.  Learn how homeopathic remedies classically and safely applied one at a time, in the minimum dose, and at a minimum frequency, can brilliantly support these fluctuations in both Mom and Baby. SG will utilize Homeopaths Without Borders’ “Essential Curriculum for the Childbearing Year,” which contains 18 lessons and 47 remedy cards/charts, within a study group experience. SG is a 4-semester long study of the Childbearing Year.

SG is a meets once a month for 4 semesters. If you are pregnant you can begin a homeopathic experience for just yourself or just your newborn or both yourself and your newborn. The New Consultation Packet.

SG instructor: Tama (and Husband Joe) have taught Bradley classes since 1993. (www.bradleybirth.com) They have had 4 natural births, one Cesarean birth, and 3 “VBACs” (vaginal births after Cesarean). Tama has walked with other women, either as a licensed nurse or a private doula, in the hospital, birth center and homebirth settings, and would like her community to know the benefits of homeopathy for this natural right of passage.

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Study Group Cohort 2019-20 is full.

Study Group Cohort 2020-21 is now forming.

The cost is $180 the first semester, $120 each subsequent semester. It includes Curriculum with mentoring.

Study Group 2020-21 registration will close August 1, 2020.

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