Study Groups

Study Groups have been going since 2019.

Beginners and Experienced have opportunity to learn with us.

Advanced: Using Repertory Books and Computer software.

Beginner: Childbearing Year and Essential Curriculum go to:

1. Homeopathy for the Childbearing Year January 2023

2. Essential Curriculum Finished Fall 2023

Volunteers: fill in the New Consultation Packet"

To volunteer: email

Subject line: experience-volunteer for study group 

Please contact us for more of the Study Group Experience information.

Free Offerings

  • Mental Health Free Sessions in 2023: twice a month in January and February

    Community Program Free Sessions: Healthy Pregnancy Class & Depression Anxiety Recovery Call for date and location: 269-624-2993.

    Click [You are Not Alone There is Help] "Download" and also the Nedley Health Link 

  • Our next Community Program is Early 2023. Call if you are interested: 269-624-2993.

Monthly Healthy Pregnancy Class Coupons, Discounts, Door Prizes The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Click pink picture below on "Download"

Gma Tama and Jed

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