"We gave you the highest recommendation to our extended family."

From P.M.

35 father of a child with severe eczema since 7 days old.
"About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic bronchiolitis. I really had no idea until Feb 2018 when I examined my medical records. I would catch a bad cold at least three times a year, usually from my grandkids. I was prescribed antibiotics and steroids until finally I got tired of going to the doctor's office several times a year. In April 2018 I was diagnosed with asthma...given an inhaler, and told to take up to 2 puffs 2 times daily. I thought to myself Lord willing I am not going to be dependent on anything with any steroids in it no matter how small the dosage. I took it for two weeks until things cleared up. I also experienced pain on my right side, and pain in both shoulder joints, but never diagnosed with arthritis? I decided to take the "wholistic" approach and tried classical homeopathy. I had used Mag-Phos Cell Salts, 6X, first which greatly reduced the side pain but it would return. So, I started homeopathy for the first time in Sept 2018 and was put on Staphysagria, 30C, in Remedy Stock Bottle, and diluted it in two separate cups at first. It didn't seem to be helping, so I was told to dilute in one cup. That seemed to do the trick. Sept-Dec 2018 I had no colds, or bronchitis; the grand kids were sick but I was not catching it! I was thrilled! I'm still taking it when I need to. Tama taught me how to dose myself when my symptoms returned. I now have little to no pain in my shoulders, no pain in my side, and I don't have to use an inhaler! I am a happy camper! 

From V.G.


"Thank you Tama for all the homeopathy advice, help, and care you've given me over the past year! Your investment of time into me will continue to bless me for the rest of my life. Thank you!"

From T.J.


"I had no idea that when I went to see Tama for irregular, painful, heavy periods, that not only would my periods become better, but also my chronic pain, my anxiety, my sleeplessness, my OCD, would all improve; my seasonal allergies would completely disappear; I would almost stop getting colds and flu; my self esteem and confidence would improve; I would stop getting rashes; my skin would become healthy instead of dry and flaky. My fears and phobias are lessening significantly. My hyper-sensitivity to my environment is lessening, from store odors to being in cold air. My insomnia is gone!

I was skeptical. I didn't really expect my period to get better, and I had NO idea that the rest of my life would come into line. All I can say is wow! I am so thankful I gave homeopathy a chance. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on the "traditional" road to health through Doctors and Hospitals, and it almost cost me my life. My health only seemed to be getting worse and worse the more I went to traditional American healthcare for help. Now, with a very small financial cost comparatively, My health, both emotional and physical, is getting better and better at a comfortable pace. I am so happy! I take no prescriptions. I rarely take any over the counter medications. Homeopathy has changed my life. I thank God for bringing Tama and myself together!" 

From K.K.

I had an unfortunate fall in a hotel room on a wet marble floor and hit the back of my head. A very large bump raised immediately and my daughter (Tamara) gave me a dose of Arnica 30C a dry pellet under my tongue. Within one hour of taking the Arnica the swelling was completely gone and no pain or headache resulted after this fall. I was amazed and very pleased! I have told others about my experience how wonderful it is; how fast it worked; it took care of the problem almost immediately. Homeopathy is helping me with pain from my back arthritis and I take no over the counter pain medication at all. That's the important thing right there. My friend is taking ibuprofen for her knee and aspirins also, and I am cautioning her against gastro-intestinal bleeding like what happened to me taking too many over-the-counter pain meds. I had an ulcer that bled and caused my hospitalization. My gastrointestinal doctor told me it was from the over the counter-pain-medication I was taking. 


74 y.o. grandmother

"I am so thankful for you Tama. I could be drowning in tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical debt and try and treat Lyme Disease, or come to you on a regular basis, receive true healing and not have to suffer financial loss to make me well again. Your service/ministry is priceless! Our family thanks you for helping us once again live life to the fullest!" 


40 parent of 5

Tama I could never repay you for all you’ve done for me and my family. Thank you for your time, dedication, research, prayer, expertise and love.

A Thank You card