The in-depth consultation involves 1. Your initial symptoms. 2. Your individual “homeopathic profile”: things that you make you more susceptible to illness, and the ways that you adapt to your situations and circumstances.

These 2 parts are known as your Totality. The in-depth totality is what leads the homeopath to the most similar remedy that will help your body to re-balance itself and turn on the healing response.

The interval between your doses is of next importance and incorporates the homeopathic principle of the minimum dose.

If any remedy is administered too early before the present remedy ceases to act, the good effect of the preceding remedy will be lost and cannot be replaced because its complete action has been interrupted.

Repeating liquid remedy can be taught through this homeopathic experience with your homeopath.

In each case you will need to observe your symptom expressions, and especially at first, collaborate frequently with your homeopath for when to re-dose. As your symptoms resolve you will communicate less frequently. Ideally you will not need  any remedy and your feelings and functions will be restored. See the on-line trailer “Just One Drop” Blind Dog Films for the homeopathy controversy with world governments and for people’s amazing journeys using homeopathy.

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Follow-up appointments

Liquid dosing necessitates more frequent homeopathic reporting and check-ins with the homeopath, to keep the incremental improvements continuing. See the Trailer Just One Drop for examples of how homeopathy treatment is incrementally increased through succussions (hitting the liquid remedy bottle), and the remedy has a deeper beneficial hold on the human organism.

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